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The mobile market is constantly moving, and it can be difficult to anticipate how it is moving and how it will change in the coming years. But with the right set of tools, you can easily keep a pulse on all things mobile. Yankee Group's Mobile Forecasts and Monitors deliver a complete picture of the connectivity industry to help service providers, infrastructure vendors, software companies, mobile device manufacturers and others turn opportunity into revenue. Our Forecasts deliver more than 1 million data points in 60 countries, and predict future technology trends, product adoption, pricing and more. Monitors track financial and product data for 160 leading companies worldwide.

These data points help clients develop successful go-to-market stategies and bring mobile marketplace opportunities into focus. Our market forecasts encompass more than 1 million data points and provide a five-year view into the future of the mobile ecosystem.

Client Access to Forecasts and Monitors

Our Mobile Forecast & Monitor is available in its entirety or by region with country- and regional-level detail. Key metrics such as revenue, subscribers, ARPU, minutes of use, churn, segmentation splits by technology and user, number of lines and more are contained in the forecast. Monitor metrics include mobile lines, ARPU, minutes of use, gross adds, capital expenditures and earnings (both EBITDA and EBIT).

Yankee Group has also developed a Connected Devices Monitor & Forecast, which tracks 11 companies to provide a snapshot of handset revenue, shipments, hot technologies, sales by region and more. It is delivered quarterly as an Excel file. The Connected Devices forecast includes five-year projections for handsets, e-readers, tablets and M2M.

Together they feature:

  • Worldwide focus, including views of the global market, seven regions and 60 countries representing 99 percent of global ICT spending
  • More than 500 unique metrics forecasted, updated regularly, with more than 1 million data points
  • Tracking of 15 mobility segments, including Mobile Cloud Computing, Consumer Connected and Mobile Devices, Mobile Apps, Mobile Money and more
  • Documentation of methodology and market drivers
  • 160 companies monitored
  • Historical data and five-year projections
  • Data analysts on hand to help you navigate your data
  • Embedded tools that generate customizable Excel and PowerPoint reports

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