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Consumer and Enterprise Surveys IconThe mobility industry moves rapidly, and it can be difficult to keep pace with changing attitudes, preferences and viewpoints of consumers, employees and IT decision-makers in the U.S. and Europe. Through exhaustive quarterly surveys, we equip clients with the research and analysis they need to be successful in an ever-changing mobile economy.

Our surveys of mobile ecosystem stakeholders allows us to keep a finger on the pulse of all things mobile--from which devices consumers prefer to the type of mobile payment technology favored most among enterprises. With this information at the ready, we empower our clients to make better decisions and prepare for the mobile revolution both today and tomorrow. Our exclusive data helps our clients best monetize their business initiatives and services by planning for changes in consumer and business trends instead of just reacting to them.

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US Consumer Survey
This quarterly survey utilizes responses from 16,000 U.S. consumers who hail from all areas and demographics. The data collected from mobile market research shows our clients how consumers spend their time and money on mobility-related services, digital media and applications. It provides everything you need to know about the average mobile user.

US Enterprise Mobility Survey (Employees and IT Decision-Makers)
Mobility is a reality that companies now face. Broken down into employee and IT decision-maker segments, our quarterly enterprise surveys serve as a roadmap for clients to craft and hone enterprise mobility strategies.

US Mobile and Connected Devices Survey (Consumers, Enterprises and IT Decision-Makers)
Interest in mobile and connected devices has never been higher among both consumers and enterprise end-users. Sentiment among the groups may be different, and our survey provides insight into which smartphones consumers prefer or which tablets are popular among mobile employees, as well as the feelings of IT decision-makers on consumerization.

US Mobile Money Survey (Consumers, Enterprises and IT Decision-Makers)
The proliferation of smartphones and tablets is driving the mobile money revolution for both consumers and enterprises. People are more comfortable than ever with their devices and are willing to make purchases and utilize financial services through them. It's up to companies to determine how to best leverage the opportunities now available in mobile money.

US Mobile Broadband Survey (Consumers, Enterprises and IT Decision-Makers)
Mobile networks and connectivity are now just as important as devices themselves. As a result, we regularly polls consumers and enterprises to gauge their viewpoints and sentiments on the mobile broadband landscape. This includes their feelings on 4G, how they view specific service providers and what speed means for their daily use of mobile technology.

US Mobile Apps and Cloud Survey (Consumers, Enterprises and IT Decision-Makers)
Apple's App Store and the Google Play market now combine to offer more than 1.2 million mobile applications to end-users. That has left developers wondering how to best position their products to capture the public's attention while companies try to determine which will help employees become more efficient. Both questions--and more--can be answered through our poll focused on mobile apps.

European Survey (Consumers and Enterprises)
The European Survey arms mobile industry players with the market insights they need to make better product, pricing and market segmentation decisions. The study gathers feedback from 5,000 consumers and 1,250 employees in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the U.K.

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