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Yankee Group's research efforts are focused exclusively on the mobility revolution and its impact on business decisions and strategies. Our goal is to answer the important questions about the mobile economy every day, giving our clients the critical data, insight and advice they need to profit in today's mobile world.

Yankee Group's research methodology is designed to respond to every facet of our clients' research and advisory needs. It begins with a foundation of key trends and market facts, driven by primary research and data. Our analysts continuously scan the ecosystem, read industry news, attend events and meet with market players to provide a balanced approach to creating key insights in our research deliverables for our clients. Finally, and most importantly, we provide clients with the implications stemming from these fact-driven insights. These implications allow our clients to better understand and exploit the revenue opportunities enabled by the mobility revolution.

Through our innovative Mobile Advisory and Planning Service (MAPS), we examine lucrative opportunities in and around the mobile ecosystem including mobile devices, mobile apps and cloud, mobile marketing and commerce, mobile broadband and mobile leadership strategies. This new product family and our new research delivery platform combine our actionable research, highly targeted forecasts and surveys, daily news analysis and more to provide our clients with actionable insights about growth opportunities.

Our research reports form the core of our offering, with qualitative analysis focused exclusively on the transformational effects of mobility. Analyst insights draw on a wealth of proprietary Yankee Group data from exclusive continuous surveys conducted with thousands of enterprises and consumers, along with in-depth market monitors and comprehensive forecasts

Armed with exclusive Yankee Group data on the attitudes, behaviors and usage patterns of mobile users, enabling technologies, and emerging business models across the mobile ecosystem, we provide timely, actionable and accessible research that helps clients make informed business decisions today, as well as plan for the future. Our research gives clients the market advantage they need in an increasingly challenging mobile economy.

Browse our Research Categories below to better understand our key themes and topics, or view it in PDF.


Topics: Dynamic pricing, RT charging, mediation, subscriber and policy management, billing, intelligence and analytics, CRM, order management, Web self-service/Web portals, revenue assurance, social media and network analysis, service assurance, customer experience transformation

Analysts: Sheryl Kingstone

Consumer Mobile Services

Topics: Mobile broadband, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, fixed-mobile convergence (FMC), voice, messaging, mVoIP, VoLTE, mobile IM, SMS, prepaid vs. postpaid services

Analysts: Rich Karpinski, Declan Lonergan

Core and Edge Network

Topics: Packet optical transport, IP core and edge routing

Analysts: Jennifer Pigg

Customer Experience

Topics: Connected user segmentation, customer interaction channel strategies, product and service differentiation, user experience, customer satisfaction, Net Promoter Score, loyalty, churn strategies, customer experience models

Analysts: Carl Howe, Rich Karpinski, Sheryl Kingstone, Declan Lonergan


Topics: Mobile devices, smartphones, handsets, connected consumer electronics, e-readers, M2M, location intelligence, set-top boxes, tablets, mHealth, connected car, fleet telematics

Analysts: Carl Howe, Ryan Martin, Boris Metodiev

Enterprise Mobility

Topics: Mobile applications and software, business mobile devices and OSs, business mobile broadband, 4G (i.e., WiMAX, LTE, HSPA+), managed mobility, M2M, consumerization

Analysts: Rich Karpinski, Sheryl Kingstone, Chris Marsh

Machine to Machine (M2M)

Topics: Connected energy, mHealth, fleet telematics, consumer telematics, industrial applications, security, digital signage, pay-as-you-drive insurance, rent-to-own/subprime lending, ATMs, point-of-sale (PoS) systems, kiosks, vending

Analysts: Ryan Martin, Brian Partridge

Mobile Applications

Topics: App stores, mobile Web, mobile Internet, mobile customer services, managed application performance management, self-service, mobile commerce, mashups, widgets, app development, SaaS, presence, connected home, search, location-based services, quality of context, social networking, shopping, gaming, productivity, mobile advertising, Internet advertising

Analysts: Raúl Castañón, Carl Howe, Sheryl Kingstone, Declan Lonergan, Chris Marsh

Mobile Cloud

Topics: SaaS (software as a service), PaaS (platform as a service), IaaS (infrastructure as a service), cloud security, cloud adoption forecasts, mobile operator cloud strategies, mobile cloud enablement infrastructure

Analysts: Pim Bilderbeek, Raúl Castañón, Sheryl Kingstone, Bill Lesieur, Chris Marsh

Mobile Infrastructure

Topics: LTE, LTE-Advanced, WiMAX, HSPA, HSPA+, small cell strategies, femtocells, integrated antennas, remote radio heads (RRH), cloud RAN (C-RAN), pooled baseband, base stations, 3G/4G, public Wi-Fi, hotspot 2.0, 3G offload, 802.11u, 802.11i, public safety broadband networks, spectrum, mobile backhaul, radio access networks (RAN), evolved packet core (EPC)

Analysts: Barry Michelson, Ken Rehbehn

Mobile Transactions

Topics: Mobile payments, mobile banking, partner management, revenue settlement, mobile commerce, NFC, card fraud, smart cards, mobile couponing, mobile loyalty, mobile marketing

Analysts: Cherian Abraham, Rich Karpinski, Sheryl Kingstone, Jordan McKee

Mobile Video

Topics: Mobile video entertainment, OTT video, multiscreen business models and monetization, TV Everywhere, pay TV evolution

Analysts: Raúl Castañón

Policy Management

Topics: Network policy management, network security, DPI, AAA, IPv6 transition, DNS services, DNSSec, Diameter, subscriber data and identity management

Analysts: Sheryl Kingstone, Jennifer Pigg


Topics: Network security, network access control, DLP, network behavioral analysis, DPI, endpoint and device security, app security, mobile security, DDoS, piracy

Analysts: Carl Howe, Jennifer Pigg

Service Delivery Architecture

Topics: Next-generation networks, service delivery platforms, IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), asset exposure platforms, network-IT convergence, VoLTE, content network architectures (optimization techniques), video compression and optimization, content caching, telecom-operated CDNs, OTT CDNs, transparent caching, Internet traffic offload, application acceleration

Analysts: Brian Partridge

Service Provider Strategies

Topics: Service provider strategic business and go-to-market strategies, business evolution, enterprise offerings and strategies, consumer offerings and strategy, managed services and outsourcing for carriers and customers, technology and network strategies, software platform evolution, prepaid vs. postpaid services, service bundles, content strategies, customer experience

Analysts: Rich Karpinski, Sheryl Kingstone, Declan Lonergan, Barry Michelson, Ken Rehbehn, Wally Swain

Unified Communications and Collaboration

Topics: VoIP, unified communications, video, collaboration, UCaaS, SIP trunking, network infrastructure, mobile UC, Wi-Fi, social media, managed services

Analysts: Pim Bilderbeek