Research and Data

In January 2013, The 451 Group acquired Yankee Group, the leader in research focused on the evolution of the new mobile economy. In July 2014, Yankee Group's analysts and products became the driving power behind 451 Research's new Mobility team and two new 451 Research channels:

  • Enterprise Mobility - Covering the emerging tools and service-enabling strategies that drive enterprise mobility. This channel provides timely insight on topics including enterprise mobility management, mobile devices (including wearables), mobile app development tools, back-end mobile infrastructure, and mobile operator strategies for the enterprise.
  • Mobile Telecom - Covering the most important innovations in wireless network infrastructure, connected devices and mobile devices. This channel provides a comprehensive view of key mobile communications topics, including mobile data monetization strategies, migration to 4G/5G networks and services, customer experience management and smartphone OS wars.

The 451 Research Mobility team creates products in the Enterprise Mobility and Mobile Telecom channels:

  • Our Market Insight product is your radar into the business of IT innovation. Whether you are a product manager investigating the competition, an IT decision-maker evaluating the impact of emerging technologies on your business, a service provider finding your place in an evolving industry, or a dealmaker fueling the digital economy, 451 Research gives you the inside track on your business and your markets.
  • Our Technology & Business Insight product family comprises thematically linked reports that are thorough but concise, typically 15-25 pages in length. Designed to complement our Market Insight research product, Technology & Business Insight reports draw from market data, analysis of customer adoption and perspectives on market dynamics.
  • Our Customer Insight product family leverages extensive survey research carried out on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis with more than 12,500 IT professionals and more than 40,000 consumers to provide critical insight into the purchasing decisions of IT professionals and consumers
  • Our Market Monitor and Forecast product family tracks and projects the market size, opportunity and key performance indicators of key segments of the technology marketplace.