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Yankee Group Notes Apple’s Growth in the Corporate Space

Apple Computer hardware and OS X Leopard is gaining significant momentum among corporate users

Boston, MA, June 9, 2008Yankee Group today released its results of an independent web-based survey indicating significant, steady and sustained adoption of Mac and OS X Leopard in the enterprise. According to the survey of 700 global IT administrators and C-level executives, approximately 80% of the businesses have installed Macintoshes and the OS X operating system in their network.

"As the consumerization of the enterprise continues and as ubiquitous connectivity takes hold, empowering employees with the tools that help facilitate Anywhere connectivity becomes key," said Laura DiDio, research fellow, Yankee Group. "Apple's strong marks in security, features, performance, usability and reliability are indicative of the qualities customers' value when purchasing hardware and operating system software."

This Yankee Group Report includes a breakdown of the following areas:

  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Usability
  • Increasing momentum
  • Virtualization
  • Dual booting
  • Pricing
  • Challenges

According to the report, nearly one-quarter of the survey respondents have a significant number of Macintosh clients installed. This report also includes technical reasons and business benefits associated with Apple products in a corporate enterprise environment.

The report explores and analyzes the challenges the Mac and OS X Leopard face as they seek to expand within the enterprise market.

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