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 Mobile Leadership Strategies 

Microsoft Releases Azure Cloud Platform for IoT Devices

by Brian Partridge | April 16, 2014

Microsoft recently launched a limited release of its Microsoft Azure Intelligent Systems Service—a cloud-based platform aimed at capturing and storing the mountains of data produced by devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT).

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 Mobile Marketing and Commerce Strategies 

RetailMeNot Acquires Shopping Startup Pickie for Its Talent

by Sheryl Kingstone | April 16, 2014

Digital couponing giant RetailMeNot recently announced that it will acquire shopping companion startup Pickie for the team behind its mobile app.

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 Mobile Application and Cloud Strategies 

DT, T-Mobile Sign On With Android App Search Alternative

by Raúl Castañón | April 16, 2014

Deutsche Telekom (DT) and former subsidiary T-Mobile USA aren’t happy with the app search within the Google Play store and are turning to app search provider Xyo for a more operator-friendly alternative.

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 Mobile and Connected Device Strategies 

First Tizen Phones Are Due Out in the Second Quarter

by Boris Metodiev | April 16, 2014

Lost in the recent flurry of news stories concerning early sales figures for Samsung’s Galaxy S5 was the fact that one company executive said the first phones based on the Tizen OS will hit store shelves during the second quarter. Samsung has developed Tizen as an Android alternative, but the platform has struggled with numerous delays.

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 Mobile Broadband Strategies 

Report: Apple Set To Charge Operators US$100 More for the iPhone

by Rich Karpinski | April 16, 2014

Apple is looking to pad its profits. The device maker is reportedly negotiating with operators to have them swallow a US$100 price increase on the upcoming iPhone 6. 

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