Yankee Group Consulting

Consulting represents Yankee Group's most tailored client experience. Having driven hundreds of successful client engagements across the communications, wireless and mobile industries, we know how to apply our unique understanding of the attitudes, behaviors and usage patterns of mobile users?as well as our expertise about enabling technologies trends and emerging business models across the mobile ecosystem to each client's unique needs. Engagements can focus on:

  • Customer/market education
  • Market sizing/prioritization
  • Competitive landscape/positioning
  • Customer needs/segmentation
  • Strategy/go to market validation

Delivery can include white papers, webinars, speaking engagements, strategy workshops, custom data cuts and custom deliverables.

We invite you to explore our offerings by browsing the menu items below. To inquire about consulting services from Yankee Group, please contact us at consultingservices@yankeegroup.com or +1-617-598-7200.

Market Education | Sales Enablement | Custom Surveys
Market and Technology Prioritization | Customer Segmentation | Strategy Validation

Market Education
Yankee Group market education services help educate your target audience on your unique value proposition via white papers, custom webinars, surveys, thought leadership publications, case studies, speaking engagements and more. Raise your company's profile via objective, credible insights and market data tailored to your unique needs delivered by experienced Yankee Group analysts. Benefits include:

  • Leveraging Yankee Group's brand and reputation for research excellence and market influence.
  • Developing a valuable, tailored marketing tool to meet your marketing, lead generation and sales objectives.
  • Driving your thought leadership on emerging issues to key parts of your target market and customer base.

Sales Enablement
Yankee Group sales enablement services are designed to enhance your organization's sales effectiveness. Our experts will train your direct and indirect sales teams on the relevant industry trends, competitive market dynamics, and customer buying patterns that are critical to winning in your marketplace. Yankee Group can run dedicated webinars, deliver speaking engagements, half-day and full-day workshops. These engagements are designed to specifically address sales effectiveness by making your sales team smarter about selling. Benefits include:

  • Increasing your sales effectiveness with Yankee Group expert-led training sessions, which are available in a variety of formats.

Custom Surveys
Yankee Group regularly conducts custom primary research surveys on behalf of clients to deliver up-to-the-minute market insights and buying trends gleaned from consumers, enterprise IT decision-makers and network operators around the globe. Yankee Group's experienced data sciences team and industry leading analysts will create, deploy and analyze custom survey data on your behalf and deliver market-driven, actionable insights your organization requires to plan for long-term success. Benefits include:

  • Customized surveys designed and analyzed by Yankee Group can deliver insights you need to drive company strategy, inform solution roadmaps, deliver up to the minute insights on customer buying preferences and behaviors.

Market and Technology Prioritization
Yankee Group is adept at helping our clients realize the true potential of market opportunities they face across different product lines, customer segments, geographic markets and more. Our project scopes include insights into mobile market potential, operator business models and competitive landscape for your product and service offerings to give you a clear path to market. Benefits include:

  • Leveraging Yankee Group's industry leading expertise as you evolve product roadmaps and go-to market strategies.

Customer Segmentation
Yankee Group can help clients identify key customer attributes through rigorous analysis of market forecast and survey data around your target markets. We can gather specific analysis and custom action plans help you to launch new product/service strategies, marketing initiatives and channel partnerships, among other projects. The results are valuable insights into your market/customer segmentation in virtually any market space you serve and/or want to serve. Benefits include:

  • Enhancing your product/service strategies through rigorous analysis of customer segmentation data.

Strategy Validation
Yankee Group experts can help clients validate company strategy. We can provide your management team constructive feedback on all aspects of company strategy through face to face and written deliverables. Yankee Group experts help put your strategy into a wider industry context with full SWOT analysis and specific recommendations.

Benefits include:

  • Sharpening your strategy through dedicated working sessions including that feature a rich two-way dialogue. Yankee Group experts will deliver comprehensive SWOT analysis and resultant strategy recommendations in written and verbal format.