the Anywhere revolution

For the past several years, Yankee Group has been tracking the advancement of ubiquitous connectivity--what we call Anywhere--as it quickly spreads across the world. Anywhere instantly brings together everyone and everything we care about, making time and place irrelevant. It is truly a revolution, sparking new multi-million dollar businesses and a $1 trillion economy by 2014.

Today, Anywhere connectivity is becoming a given in developed countries and spreading quickly in emerging economies. By 2014, Yankee Group predicts 30 countries--at least one in every region of the world--will be taking Anywhere for granted. And that has surprising results.

Anywhere is fueling an even larger revolution that will drive $2 trillion by 2014.

Anywhere is itself spawning a new revolution, one that's even larger. This revolution is not technology-driven--far from it. It is driven by consumers and workers and their needs, desires and expectations. In this revolution, connected users are the ultimate power brokers: They decide which technologies and experiences succeed--and which ones don't.

We call this the era of the connected user, and predict its revenue impact will soar to $2 trillion by 2014. New networks, devices and cloud-sourced content are creating a Connected Experience that is changing the very nature of how we live, work and play. Yankee Group helps clients compete in the all-important battleground for revenue in this new environment.